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May 28th, 2014
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How to Make a Minecraft Pinata

how to make a Minecraft pinata with a paper bagI have made lots and lots of pinatas before so when my boys wanted me to make a Minecraft pinata for their  birthday party I agreed. Of course, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that everything on Minecraft is square. I have always made my pinatas out of balloons, so I had to get a little creative when thinking about how to make a “square” pinata. I decided to use brown paper grocery sacks.

What you need to make a Minecraft Pinata:

  • 2 grocery brown paper bags
  • strip of cardboard
  • wire (or weed-eater line works great)
  • newspapers (cut into strips)
  • Flour and water
  • Tissue paper (or crepe paper) and construction paper for decoration


How to easily make a Minecraft pinata:



Step 1: Secure the Handle

On the inside of one of the bags, my husband cut a thin piece of wood paneling to fit inside the base of the bag, but you could use a piece of cardboard to add stability. He then strung thin plastic wire through holes in the paneling as well as through the bag. We tend to have a problem with our pinatas getting too heavy so I was worried about the handle breaking (which happens almost every time). This little contraption worked great!easy supplies to make a minecraft pinata

Step 2: Add a second Paper Bag to make a whole pinata.

Once the handle was all set, I slid another grocery sack inside the first one to make a cube. Ok, well not a cube exactly, but this was more square than a balloon so my kids were happy.

make a minecraft party - use a brown paper bag

Step 3: Cover with Paper Mache

I then just went to town and covered my bags with paper mache. For the paper mache, I started with about 1 cup of flour and added enough water until I had a fairly thin mixture – not as thin as water, but not as thick as pancake batter. Then I tore newspaper into 2 inch strips, dipped them through the mixture and stuck them to the bag.make a mine craft - cover in paper towels

Once I had the bags covered completely, I let it dry for about 24 hours and then covered it all again. After the second coat dried for 24 hours I had a nice firm exterior.

Step 4: Decorate!

Since my boys wanted a Creeper pinata, I then just added green tissue paper, again using the flour mixture. Since tissue paper is quite a bit thinner than newspaper, I used a sponge brush to brush the flour mixture on the pinata and then stuck the tissue paper to it. Once that was dried, I simply glued the Creeper face on using black construction paper.

Step 5: Add the Candy!

My husband also cut a flap in the back of the pinata so I could add the candy.

how to make a minecraft pinata for a minecraft birthday party

It really easy THAT easy to make a Minecraft Pinata!


Now, I made a second pinata, but for some crazy reason I have NO pictures of it! 🙁 Anyway, I used the same process, but I covered it in white instead of green because my boys wanted a ghast (sp?). I made the face out of construction paper and then attached white strips of tissue paper to the bottom of the pinata. Here is what a ghast looks like, so you have an idea of what I’m talking about.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 1.51.32 PMSo… are you going to try to make a minecraft pintata?



  • Ann F -

    Thank you so much for this, it’s such a fab idea, so effective but yet simple. Very well done!!

  • Tami -

    Made this last week for my 6 year olds minecraft birthday party. The kids loved it!!! Thanks for helping me not break the bank on a premade piñata!

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