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October 11th, 2013
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How to Make an Easy Golfer Costume

easy golfer costumeChenea was kind enough to share another EASY costume idea! Ok, so I guess I am more of a last minute Halloween costume person than I thought I was. 😉 I found another costume I made for my twins when they were 3 – and it was pretty much done with what they already had in their closets! And yes, I did this only a few days before Halloween. This just goes to show you that costumes don’t need to take a lot of time or money! diy colfer costumeFollow Me on Pinterest


  • sweater vest (my boys wore these from Easter, they’re from Children’s Place)
  • newspaper cap (like old-fashioned golfers used to wear)
  • long socks
  • cotton material to match sweater (for the pants)

How to Make the Costume:

  1. I found the sweater vest in my boys closet and thought… this is so cute, but what can I do with it? When I showed my husband he immediately said “Payne Stewart”! At the time, he was a current PGA player who dressed like an old-fashioned golfer. He has since passed away.
  2. Screen shot 2013-10-05 at 8.48.15 PMI also had adorable newsboy caps (similar to these) my boys wore during the summer. They fit perfectly with this golfer idea!
  3. All I needed were some cute little pants – better yet, knickers – to finish off the outfit! I took the sweater vests I had and head to the fabric store to find some fabric with a similar pattern. I was lucky enough to find two different fabrics!
  4. I used a pattern similar to this Butterick Pattern and just made the legs a bit shorter, so they would look like knickers. I also put elastic in the bottom of the legs so they would stay up.

There you have it! I was able to create golfer costumes for my boys with just a tad more than they already had in their closet.

What do you have in your closet that you can turn into a fun costume? Be sure to share your creativity with us!

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