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December 1st, 2010
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Military Discounts…

I have several Military families you follow this blog. I am not a Military wife, but have friends who are. I thought we should start a section on where Military families can get discounts. I know there are alot of difference places (Danika let me know that they can get 10% off at Lowe’s just by showing your military ID). Please leave a comment on this post or send me an e-mail and I will compile a post of them all for everyone. Then everytime I find a new place, I will ad to it.

Do you know of any places?



  • Beth -

    I’m excited about a military section!

    Here are the discounts that I know of…
    20% off at Finish Line at Penn Square Mall
    10% off at Home Depot

    Thanks Carrie!

  • Jamie -

    Sheplers gives a discount also.

  • Kori -

    10% off at Lowe’s as well, just about any hotel gives a military discount and a lot of local businesses give discounts as well. I just always ask, all they can say is no.

  • Jennifer Harris -

    New York and Company gives 15% to military
    Rack Rooms shoes gives 10% to Military on Tuesday only.

    Thank you for the military section!!

  • Michelle -

    Great Wolf Lodge offers a great military discount if you use the promotion code “HEROES” when booking your room. I just reserved for President’s Day and our room was discounted $100 a night! Some nights are bigger discounts than others (weekdays are cheapest) and the discount is not available every day. You have to search for your dates and it will tell you whether or not it’s available. I believe you can also get the discount with a phone reservation.

    IHOP also discounts.

    Toby Keiths “I Love this Bar and Grill” will give you a free burger and fries with military i.d., but it’s just a one time freebie.

    Bass Pro gives a 10% discount off of REGULAR PRICED items only the last two weeks of the month.

  • Sabrina Roush -

    Aeropostale gives 10% off.
    Thursday at the Uptown Thrift Store off of hwy 240 gives 25% off

  • christy -


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