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October 22nd, 2010
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My Coupon Box Categories

Finally, I am posting my coupon box categories. If you haven’t watched my video on my coupon box, make sure you go here to see it.

I will admit that I like things organized, so I have more categories than some others. You will want to start out with less categories and then slowly add as you get more coupons.

Here is my list (yes, they are all in alphabetical order)

White Tabs:

Baking – Boxed
Baking – Cold
Baking – Ingredients
Boxed Dinners
Bread items (I include tortillas and bagels here too)
Canned – Fruit
Canned -Meat (ex… Tuna, pouches, etc)
Canned – Soup
Canned  – Vegetables and Salsas
Cereal -General Mills
Cereal – Kellogg’s
Cereal – Other
Cleaners – All purpose
Cleaners – Bathroom
Cleaners – Dishes
Dairy – Butter & Milk
Dairy – Cheese
Dairy -Yogurt
First Aide
Fresheners – Airwick
Fresheners -Febreeze
Fresheners – Glade
Frozen -Ice Cream & Treats
Frozen – Meats
Frozen – Pizza & Meals
Frozen – Vegetables & Fruits
Laundry – Soap
Laundry -Softeners and Dryer Sheets
Laundry -Stain
Meat -Deli
Meat- Other
Mouth – Floss
Mouth – Rinse & Whitening
Mouth -Toothbrush
Mouth – Toothpaste
Paper Products
Pets -Cat
Pets -Dog
Salad Dressing
Sauces and Seasonings
Snacks- Bars
Snacks – Chips
Snacks – Crackers
Snacks -Treats
Snacks – Other
Skin – Deodorant
Skin – Face Creams & Cleansers
Skin – Lotion
Skin -Make-Up
Skin – Shaving
Skin – Soap

Colored Tabs:

Check out
Walgreens (I just got rid of this envelope -never used it)



  • Laura A. -

    Thanks for the list, Carrie. I like having so many categories…I’m a little OCD!

  • Sandi -

    Should make quicker work of our shopping trips. Keep the organizaional tips coming. So glad you are obsessed with organization. Thanks Carrie

  • Jonni -

    I will be attending your class at the WA Library tomorrow evening. My daughter tells me you have an envelope system already made up. Could you please tell me if they come prelabeled? Thank you.

  • Megan H. -

    Thank you so much for your list! I copied and pasted right into my word processing program and upped the font a little. Then I printed the list out and made labels for my box. Worked like a charm! I even made it into a PDF version so I can make boxes for my mom and S-I-L and if I need to remake my box I can!

  • Becky Ware -


    I was introduced to your website by my sister-in-law. She took one of your classes in Oklahoma and passed on what she learned to me. I love the “envelopes” that you sell and have already purchased 70. I live in the Houston area and have looked for classes here and have only found ones that are 2 hours away from me. I am strongly considering contacting local churchs and offering classes in my area. I would like to know if you would consider selling your product wholesale so that I may put together boxes for purchase at each class. I am not interested in marking your product up and would give you full credit for the items.

    I am also personally interested in additional green colored envelopes for my own box. Are these available?

    Thanks for a great product.

  • Jennifer -

    Another tip is to paperclip all of your “like” coupons before putting them into the envolopes. I started doing this when I get lots of multiples. Makes it very easy when taking out the out of date ones also.

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