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February 17th, 2011
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My CVS Shopping Trip: 2/17

I cannot believe it but I haven’t been to CVS in about 3 weeks. Infact, I had $17 Extra care bucks that expire today! I had to use them! I never let them go this far, but all the weather and my husband working so much has thrown me off  track. 😉 Fortunately, I got a few great deals today. (By the way, it felt good to shop at CVS again. I love my CVS!)

I spent $3.32 out of pocket ($1.77 was tax) and saved over $40! Here is what I got:

  • 2 Listerine Total Care Mouth rinse , $3.99 each
  • 2 Colgate Sensitive, $3.79 each
  • 2 Loreal duo eye shadows, $6 each
  • Crest pro-health, $2.99 (had a rain check that  I used )
  • Total Before Coupons: $30.55

This is what I used:

  • 2 $3 off Loreal Coupons
  • 2 $1 off Listerine coupons
  • 1 $2 off Crest Rinse coupon
  • 2 $1 off Colgate Sensitive Coupons
  • $17 Extra Care bucks
  • Total Coupons and ECBS used: $29

That means I paid just $1.55 out of pocket (plus tax)!

Then I received the $16.58 in Extra Care bucks for my next trip:

  • $7.58 ECBs for the Colgate
  • $3 ECB for the L’Oreal makeup (get $3 ECB when you buy $10)
  • $4 ECB for the Listerine
  • $2 ECB for the Crest (from rain check)

It was fun to be back to CVS and shopping again. I can’t wait to go again next week. What did you get this week at CVS? Have you found any more great deals? Don’t forget that if you are still afraid to play the CVS game, make sure you attend my CVS Crash Course, March 10th.

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  • Joy M -

    I just got diet coke, toothpaste, and some floss threaders that my daughter needed for her braces (not on sale). $6.79 in ECBs for next time.

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