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August 29th, 2010
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My dirty secret… REVEALED!

So, since this site is about me revealing my closet of savings, I think the bad and the ugly should come with the good. So many people are convinced, I have become the “coupon queen” or even a “crazy person” when it comes to savings. I’m no onw special, just someone who wants to cut down their grocery bill. What everyone doesn’t know is my coupons are exploding all over the place! I’ve become so busy with my  family, my business, my shopping, and my blogging that organizing and keeping up with my coupon book is becoming a daunting task.

Here are some pictures of my book opened -WARNING -it gets a little crazy!

Above is my book opened… notice how coupons are starting to fall out. 🙁 Below is a page at the beginning of one of my folders -these all need to be separated into their categories. All my dividers are like this. 🙁

Yet, another divider, smothered by my sad disorganized coupons…

As with most disasters, you have to get back up, brush yourself off, and fix it. My solution… changing my organizational methods. I have thought about switching to the box method of organizing for a while now and I feel it is finally time for me to make the move.  My friend Mindy uses this method quite successfully. At first, I thought she was crazy but now I am realizing that she knows what she is talking about. Thanks for the idea Mindy!

There are many pros and cons about the box method. The main con is not seeing your coupons so quickly when you are looking for one in the store. Unfortunately, I am already having to deal with this with my binder, since I am so disorganized. The pro, is that once you clip your coupons you can easily file your coupons quickly. Mindy filed hers in literally half the time it took me to file min.

I have found that I simply just can’t keep up with the binder method anymore. As a fast pace Momma to 5, I need a quicker way to organize my coupons!! Check back this week as I attempt to change my methods. I daunting, yet necessary task. I will post pictures!



  • Leaha -

    My book has looked like this since I started!!! I can’t keep up either. I carry around a bag that has extra coupons and my folder and I can’t seem to keep up. So I am excited to hear how this works out for you. I have found because of the disorganization on my part I tend to miss a coupon or so when checking out at the store.
    Good Luck!!!

    • Carrie -

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one. We will see what happens. I’m off to the store tomorrow to get me a box!

  • Jennifer -

    I am SO glad you posted this. I am just starting to get behind and I’ve also been considering a box with envelopes or something. I don’t like the size of the baseball card holders and I think the binder slows me down at the store (and I need all of the help I can get in that area). Curious to see what you go with!

    • Carrie -

      I’ll let you know how it goes. I am VERY nervous about changing and doing all the converting. I’ll keep everyone posted!

  • Mindy -

    Hahaha! Converting you binder couponers one box at a time. I’m flattered. Finding coupons fast is all about creating your category envelopes in a way that makes them quick to go through. I took my yogurts out of the dairy envelope and gave them their own because we get sooooooo many yogurt coupons.

    • Carrie -

      Yes, Mindy you are!!! All with a glass of wine too. Maybe you should do a guest post about how you organize yours…. just a thought!

      • Mindy -

        If I get a chance tomorrow I’ll work on it for you. If not, moneysavingmom has a post on her site about it.

  • Amy Halverson -

    What kind of box do you use?? I’m having a hard time keeping my binder updated, so I’m definitely interested in seeing the box method!

    • Carrie -

      Amy, you use a plastic shoe box -you know the ones you can buy at dollar general or at Walmart for just $1. That is what I am using. I am going to work on it tonight and post what I find with it. We will see. I’m a little nervous to be changing…

  • ginger -

    i am interested to see what it looks like…it does take alot of you put them in envelopes

    • Carrie -

      Ginger, basically you put envelopes in the box for your dividers. Then you stable in index cards as your actual “tabs”. The main thing is you just dump them in the envelopes instead of folding them into the baseball card sleeves. So you won’t be able to see your coupons as easily but I haven’t been able to for a long time. 🙂

  • Jennifer -

    Ha! Thanks for posting this. You are too funny. I just spent a good hour trying to catch up on organizing last night. I thought about trying the “no-clipping” method and just writing the date on the inserts since most of the sites tell you where to find the coupons for the deals. But I don’t think I will like not seeing what I have as I’m shopping. Can’t wait to see how your new method works for you.

  • Josh -

    Hmmm I’m thinking the box method might be a great idea, I haven’t put my binder together because I have been dreading putting all the coupons in the slots and I haven’t had much time away from work. The box method sounds like it would be much easier. Instead of categories though, I think I will go with my original way I wanted to do my binder and separate them by aisles. This way I can just put the coupons in their respective aisles every week and do a quick sort and then as I’m on that aisle all I have to do is look through the divider for that aisle.

    • Josh -

      But I don’t do the CVS, Walgreens and other stores at this time, so organizing by aisles might not work for others.

  • bonnie -

    Please tell me what is the BOX method in coupon organization. I am new to the coupon craze and would like to see pictures. Im confused. Would you make a separate envelope say for all yogurts, etc…

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