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December 1st, 2010
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My Homeland Shopping Trip 12/1

I did a quick shopping trip tonight. I spent $26.33 for $115 worth of groceries! To be honest, I was a little disappointed in my shopping trip, but a savings is still a savings, right? :)

This is what I got:

4 Zesta Crackers
2 Gain dish soaps
2 Tyson Chicken Nuggets
2 Yoplait yogurts (4 packs)
2 Dole Salads (only $.99 each)
4 Green giant green beans
6 Cans Rold Gold Tomatoes
4 1/2 lbs of Bananas (my kids are going through bananas like crazy lately)
2 crest toothpaste
4 Best Choice Cheese
2 packages of Red River Ranch fajita steak (almost 2 pounds worth)
2 Rhodes Rolls
1 package of I can’t believe its not butter
1 Nature’s Own Sandwich rounds (last one left, so I got a raincheck for one)

I think that is it! I was mad, because I couldn’t find my pillsbury brownie coupons when I got to the store, so I might have to make a trip back this week. Happy Shopping everyone! Make sure you leave a comment with your savings this week. I love to hear about them. If you want to take a picture, send me your picture and you totals and I might post about it! :)



  • Amy Wilkerson - December 02, 2010 @ 1:05 pm

    Every little bit counts…and to ME thats a GREAT trip :)

    Heading out to Homeland……….wish me luck!

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