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December 10th, 2010
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My Homeland Shopping Trip 12/9

I had a blast at Homeland last night shopping. I only spent $14 but got $177 worth of groceries! Talk about an exciting trip! Homeland had alot of awesome deals this week!

This is what I got:

2 Malto-meals (my friend gave me a better coupon -thanks Chenea!)
5 Tony’s pizzas
2 Uncle Bens rice
2 Chinet Napkins
3 Borden Cheese
3 Kraft Cheese with Philadelphia (they weren’t free, but $.55 is still good. :))
1 Mt Olive pickles
2 cake mixes
2 pillsbury brownie mix
2 emerald peanuts
2 Capri suns
2 green giant canned beans
1 doz eggs
1 best choice english muffins (free with the eggs and borden)
3 Success Rice
2 Kraft mac and cheese
4 yogurts
8 Kraft Toy story bowls -We got REALLY lucky on this. they were mismarked 10 for $1 and the manager honored the tag: so these only cost me $.10 each. 🙂
4 milky way bars
1 Sugar cookie mix
4 packages of Red River Ranch beef (3 lbs of brisket, and 2 pounds of tenderized cube steaks) -After coupons, only cost me $3 for them all!

I also forgot to add, that they were sold out of the Bisquik, so I got a few rainchecks. 🙂

That is what I bought. What did you buy this week?

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  • Lara -

    How many transactions did you do? This is where I get confused. I had more than one coupon for a couple of items (Borden cheese , cookies, and Bisquick), but wasn’t sure if I would have to do more transactions to get them, or if I could use them both if I purchase more than one of the item.
    Also, the man behind me was very impressed today with my HL shopping. I only saved 62%, but it was $33 down to $18, so I was able to tell him about your website! 🙂
    Last thing, I had a coupon for $1/1 Herbal Essence product and they had a few marked down 50%, making them better than FREE! I also had a coupon for some Lever2000 bar soap, which we do not use, but it was marked down 50% and will make a nice donation item. 🙂


  • Amy -

    I went today and saved 62% paying $37 for almost $100 worth of groceries. I found YoPlus 4 packs on sale for .99 so I got 3 of them and 2 of them were free with my coupons 🙂

    I had a coupon for $1/1 Langers juice that is on sale for $2.79 – we go through a lot of juice so this was great for me! Also saw in the “in store ad” that Old Orchard juice is on sale for $1.59 and I have two .50 off coupons so I’m going back later for more juice. I found them on the Old Orchard website.

  • jordana dimino -

    how many transactions are you doing? i went to homeleand in norman this week and they would only let me use one RRR coupon because it says per visit and not per transaction. my trip was great this week, i got $91 for $20 but i have lots of coupons left. does your homeland let you do more than 2 transactions?

  • jordana dimino -

    i forgot…a good deal i found was that there is a $1/3 on the 1 liter schweppes, i used it on the 2 liters though since they are on sale for .89 so it worked out to be 3 for .89.
    my sour cream coupon did double
    also there is a peelie on the otis sunkmeyer cookies in the frozen section that says dnd but it did making them 1.99, they are on salefor 3.99 and the coupon is $1/1, alot for cookies but they are the best.
    there are several keebler cookies that work out to be free if you have that $1/1 off any that you posted a few weeks back.

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