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October 14th, 2010
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My Homeland Trip 10/13

I went to Homeland last night and only spent $20.56 for $167.15 worth of groceries. As always, I did 2 transactions, one was 90% savings and the other 91%.

Remember to go check out my Homeland Shopping List to see all of this weeks deals. You will also find some good deals in my shopping trip. This is what I got.

4 Welch’s Juice
2 Frescas
4 Kraft Mac and Cheese
2 Kleenex
1 Cottonelle Tub
4 Cinnamon Rolls
1 Doz eggs


2 tony’s pizza
2 Ortega Tortillas
2 Farmland Hot dogs
2 Bar S hot dogs
4 packages of skittles
1 package of Taco Bell hard shells
2 Lean pockets
2 Cat treats
2 Tic Tacs
3 Boxes of Cheerios
1.6 pounds of Red River Ranch meat

2 Malt-o-meal cereals
2 Classico –
6 cans of Hunts tomato sauce
4 Carnation Evaporated milk
2 onions
2 reynolds cupcake foil cups
3 Dannon yogurts
2 Betty crocker muffins

2 Tidy Cats Cat litter
2 Gain Dish soaps
2 Vasoline Lotion
12 yoplait yogurts

WOW! That seemed like alot this time! I hope this helps our your shopping this week. As always, leave a comment if you have a question. Happy Shopping!



  • Soozn -

    Would you explain what you mean by “2 transactions”, please.

    • Carrie -

      I did 2 transactions, meaning I checked out twice. That way more coupons would double. So since I bought 2 Classico, and I used 2 coupons. I put one in each transaction so both coupons would double.

  • Christy -

    Nice job Carrie!

  • ginger -

    On the honey ground turkey where did you find coupon for that and also on the kids yogurt i didnt’ see specific coupon for that did they accept regular dannon coupon for it?

    • Carrie -

      I’m sorry. I can’t find the printable anymore. I think it is gone. 🙁

  • katherine -

    How did the skittles coupon work? Did it beep? I got the coupon but looked at the barcodes at the store and they didn’t match so I didn’t buy it.

    • TC Cunningham -

      I noticed that the code on the Skittles didn’t match any bag of Skittles in the store, so I asked the manager and he told me they would work on any of the Skittles. And it did. So Skittle away:)

  • Soozn -

    Your blog is wonderful! Thanks for all that you do. I’m learning. I saved 51% off my total at Homeland yesterday. My first coupon trip. Thanks to you. You rock, Carrie!!

  • katherine -

    I tried the skittles today and it beeped and he read the coupon and said this is for the bags of fun size skittles only. Rats….Glad you guys got some!

    • Carrie -

      oh I didn’t realize that! bummer. I didn’t even realize that it beeped. usually i do. sorry! 🙁

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