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November 3rd, 2010
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My plan for Coupon Closet…

In case you haven’t realized, I am all about planning lately, planning my finances, planning my meals, planning my cleaning, and planning my laundry (Ok, I’m still working on that one ๐Ÿ™‚ ). We’ve all learned, mainly the hard way, that to succeed you need to PLAN. So I have decided to make some plans for Coupon Closet.

  • First Coupon closet will be getting a make over in the future. Get excited about this! It will look much more professional and hopefully make your life easier when searching and viewing. Don’t get too excited as it will still be a while.
  • Second, I want to reach as many people as I can to help them save money and spend it wisely. We have a few more coupon classes coming up. My goal is to have 60 people at each coupon class. Go here to get more information the upcoming classes. Tell your friends!
  • Finally, I want to reach 1,000 Facebook fans before the end of the year. Yes, you read it right – December 31, 2010. If you haven’t “liked” me yet, make sure you do that now. Spread the news and tell your friends.

Coupon Closet has far exceeded my expectations with reaching people and changing families. Who could think that one person, could help so many people? I started it out only for my friends who wanted to know who I did this “coupon thing” – mainly the few that followed me at church (you know who you are! :)). Now it has exploded to a full blown ministry! It is about time I make some goals and start reaching those goals.

Do you have any goals you’d like to see with Coupon Closet?



  • Josh -

    I would sure hope you can get 1,000 fans by December 31, 2011, that’s 14 months away.

    • Carrie -

      I fixed it Josh. Thanks for picking on me though.

  • charlotte apel -

    Hey girl, don’t you mean Dec. 31, 2010? I bet you make it…may have 2000 fans by Dec. 31, 2011!!!

    • Carrie -

      What is my deal today? I guess I just can’t think and type at all. Maybe I need a nap. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll fix that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Soozn -

    There IS something I have had in the back of my mind for meal planning that I want to tackle once I can get my coupon-shopping routine quicker.

    I want to plan menus (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 30 days (I will probably start with one week). The meals must include meals for overnight guests, drop in visitors (like for a dessert with coffee or a snack for any kiddies), luncheon for the ladies, and mostly just my husband and I. Eventually the 30-day menus will be 30 for summer, 30 for spring, 30 for winter, yada yada yada.

    Once I have the 30 day menus, then I plan to stock my pantry and freezer with everything I need to prepare those menus (excluding fresh produce type things, of course). From that point I plan to keep my pantry stocked with those items at all times. For example, when I use the spaghetti….replace it so it will be there when I want it again.

    These are gonna be quick, simple, easy menus. Not specifically nutritional or weight conscious, just good ol’ home cooked meals.

    Wouldn’t this be awesome?? Can’t wait to get it going. I’ve already planned bunches of menus, complete with recipes and grocery lists. Just need to giterdone, repair the freezer (guy coming today), and clean the pantry. Piece of cake…. ah yes… carrot cake — its on a menu already.

    Love, love, love

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