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June 16th, 2016
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My shopping trip – I paid $28 for $130 of food!

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Hey everyone!

I ran into Homeland yesterday for a quick shopping trip. I primarily wanted cereal. We have 8 kids and eat cereal every other day. So… $1 per box is way below my stock up price. We got through a good 6 boxes a week so I need to stock up when I can. I wasn’t going to show you my shopping trip because it wasn’t AMAZING…. but when you think about it… it really is.


I got 20 boxes of cereal. You can buy in increments of 5 to get the sale at Homeland this week. That comes to $1 per box. 

However, I used 3 $1/3 printable coupons (first doubled others did not)

I used a $1/1 printable that I printed a while back that doubled (it is gone now but it was on cheerios)

Now I also bought 15 boxes of Betty crocker muffin mix. My kids LOVE blueberry muffins but I just can’t make them from scratch. I have tried and blueberry muffins are one that I haven’t seemed to master, so at $1 per box…. I stocked up. these are great for those days when we are not eating cereal. Make some eggs and fruit and you have breakfast ready in no time. 😉

All in all I spent $28 AFTER tax for 20 boxes of cereal and $15 boxes of muffins. This would have cost me over $130 without the sales and coupons. 


So… was it amazing? I say yes it is. 🙂

Now I will be going back to get more cereal and to snag some of the other deals that are awesome this week. : )


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Check out all the other great deals you can snag at Homeland this week on our Homeland Grocery Store Page.



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