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December 17th, 2010
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My Thank you Giveaways: Coupon Box

I completely forgot to post Day 5 of the giveaways last night. OOPS! I will be posting 2 today!

If you missed any of the Giveaways, you still have time to enter. Just click on the links below:

Now it is time for Day 5: a Coupon box!! The next three giveaways are all about getting your coupons organized!

This winner of this giveaway will receive one coupon box ($25 value), in the bag shown above with all the great “insides” to get your organized: 30 white laminated envelopes, 6 colored envelopes, 1 pair of scissors, 1 sharpie, a pen, a “this box belongs to…”, and category suggestions. I will the meet the winner to give them this prize, or if you live far away I will mail everything (except for the actual box) to help save on shipping. If you are interested in purchasing a box, please contact me.

I super excited about this giveaway, so this is what you need to do to enter:

  1. Leave a comment -any comment will do. :) Make sure you leave your comments on the blog post -NOT on facebook.
  2. Share this giveaway on Facebook. Then leave a comment saying you did so.
  3. Sign up for RSS e-mail updates. Then leave a comment saying you did so.
  4. Follow me on twitter. I am just learning twitter and would love for you to join me on this adventure. Make sure you leave a comment saying you did so.

Don’t forget,Β  you have 4 ways to enter this giveaway. If you do them all, make sure you leave 4 individual comments. Don’t forget that you can enter in all off the giveaways this week!Β  ALL giveaways will close on Sunday, December 20th at 5PM. I will post all the winners that evening.

Good LUCK and Happy Organizing!



  • Jennifer Wojtek -

    Pretty sure my hubby is buying me one of these soon, but it would be a great gift that I could give to someone.

  • April -

    Oh I hope I win this!!!

  • Stephanie Koenig -

    I would love to win this!! I have so much trouble organizing my coupons that I rarely even use them!

  • Amber -

    I would love to win this to give to a friend!

  • Amy -

    My coupon box is broken!

  • Leaha -

    I really Want one of these!!!

    Thanks Carrie for all you do and for all the money you have helped me save.

  • Christina -

    I need to reorganize my coupons and this looks like it’s it!

  • mom of 2 girls -

    I would love to win since I am a newbie!!!

  • Carrie -

    Don’t forget if you already have a coupon box, you can still enter and then give it away if you win. Paying it forward!

  • Amy -

    I’d love to win this to give to my sister!!

  • Amy G -

    Shared on FB!

  • Jenny -

    Would love to have this!

  • Jenny -

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Holly -

    I would love to win this to give to a friend!

  • robin -

    I switched from the binder to the box and love it!!!

  • robin -

    Also on Facebook!!

  • Carissa -

    This would be a great gift for a friend!

  • Carissa -

    Posted on Facebook

  • Summer -

    That is awesome

  • Christyn B. -

    I totally shared this with all my friends on Facebook that are drooling over the fact that I got $138.96 dollars worth of stuff last night for only $39.21!!!

  • Christyn B. -

    This is the most organized and easiest way that I’ve found to keep my coupons in order:)

  • Phyllis -

    Love using my coupon box and would love to pass the joy along!!!

  • Phyllis -

    I subscribe to e-mails!

  • Jami Gamino -

    I follow on Facebook

  • This is my favorite giveaway so far!! I hope I win!

  • I follow on twitter!

  • I signed up for email updates!

  • Tami Foster -

    I have been couponing for several months now and still do not have my coupons organized in a coupon box. This would be a great win!

  • Tami Foster -

    Signed up for RSS email updates!

  • Liesl -

    I can’t believe I am just now finding this site. Love it! Thanks for a chance to win! πŸ™‚

  • Rhonda -

    I have just started using your site and I am in love! Maybe a bit addicted as well. I would love to have this giveaway. I have signed up for RSS email updates! Thanks so much.

  • Rhonda -

    Posted on facebook for all my friends to see!

  • I hope I win this! I just started clipping coupons and would love to have something to organize it in!

  • mila -

    following on fb and signing up now for emails …love the box

  • R.Merritt -

    Awesome box!!

  • Angela Cochran -

    I hope I win this so I can give it to my bestie!!!! She needs it!!!!

  • Patsy -

    Now that looks really useful! Hope I win.

  • Lisa -

    I saw a lady at Homeland with this. We had fun comparing receipts. πŸ™‚

  • Donna -

    I need a coupon box

  • Jennie -


  • Tammy N. -

    I could really use this! I also subscribed to email updates.

  • Jamie -

    Posted on FB!!!! Thank you Carrie!

  • Susan -

    I like the box!!!

  • Krysta H. -

    I want it , I want it!!

  • Amy Halverson -

    I’d like this!!

  • Jenn -

    LOVE your giveaways!

  • allison -

    Want to give to a friend!

  • allison -

    follow on twitter

  • allison -

    signed up for emails

  • Kerry K -

    I wanna win!!!

  • Kerry K -

    Shared on FB

  • Brooke -

    Would love this!! Thanks Carrie!

  • Carrie Mueggenborg -

    i’d LOVE the box!!

  • Liz -

    This looks really good. I’d like one!

  • Alicia -

    This coupon box is awesome! I would love to win it to be able to give to a friend!

  • Tami Foster -

    Posted this giveaway on FB!

  • Sheryl McDonald -

    Would love to help someone else by getting this. Thanks

  • Krysta -

    Signed up for emails!

  • Leigh -

    Thank you for sharing your blog!! What a GREAT way to Pay It Forward to others!!!

  • Kier -

    Love the coupon box!

  • Serena Norrell -

    I just shared the Day 5 giveaway on Facebook.

    I also tweeted it on Twitter.

  • Cori F. -

    This would be so helpful!

  • Teresa H -

    Would love to get my coupons organized.
    Thanks for all your help! Have just started couponing and really appreciate all the help.

  • Rebekah Wheeler -

    this seems like a great way to stay organized

  • Stephanie Dyer -

    I love coupon boxes πŸ™‚

  • Kimmy -

    I love to win things! But usually not very lucky. I will cross my fingers!

  • Shawna -

    I am tired of my binder. I would love a box.

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