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April 25th, 2011
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New Coupon = FREE Heinz Gravy At Homeland

Redplum just published a new coupon for $1/2 jars of Heinz Homestyle Gravy. The turkey variety is on sale at Homeland for just $1 through Tuesday, 4/26. After the coupon doubles, you get TWO jars for FREE! I have never tried this stuff. We always make our gravy from scratch. Have you?

While you are over there, I would also print the coupon for $1/1 Rhodes Rolls. that will get you FREE Rolls this week to. If they are out, don’t forget to ask for a rain check.

Thanks Simple Saving Saavy!



  • Heather -

    I have used this as I can’t make gravy from scratch and it is pretty good. I have used it in beef stew also for extra flavor.

  • Melinda -

    I use this during the holidays for hot turkey sandwiches, after we run out of the home made stuff. It really is pretty good ( the turkey and chicken flavors). They are the only ones I have tried.

    • Melinda -

      Huh? Why does this say my comment is awaiting moderation???

      • Carrie -

        I have it set up where I have to approve the first few comments you post on the blog. Mainly because I get alot of spam,

  • jessi -

    do you get rain-checks from customer service or cashiers?

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