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January 25th, 2011
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Q&A: How often should I look at the Blogs?

I have been couponing since your November class at your church and I LOVE it. Couponing has the potential to really give us some financial freedom and we have already seen some benefits. My question to you is how much time a day do you spend searching for deals? Are there times of day that are best to look for new postings on blogs? Are there days that aren’t going to have many if any new postings? I have an iPhone and I am finding myself checking the blogs multiple times throughout the day. Couponing is great, but I’m needing set up boundaries for myself. Any suggestions?

Thank you for all your help, Jennifer

Jennifer, thank you for your question. To be honest, there isn’t really a good time of day when you will find all the great deals on the blog. I wish there was. I have noticed that there are more great coupons and deals during the day than in the evening hours. I try to post as many great deals that I can find for you.

From my experience, it can get rather addicting trying to find all the best deals and trying to save the most money. I have been there… done that. The best thing I did to SAVE my obsession was to cut down my blogs that I followed.

I realized that I was looking at 5-10 blogs a day. Seriously? That is alot. I eventually cut it down to probably 1-2 blogs. My advice to you is to just pick one or two that are your favorite and check them periodically. That way if you have to get that blog fix, several times a day, it will only take you a second to check on your phone than if you were checking  5 different blogs. Then you won’t feel so bad about checking frequently. 🙂

On a side note, it is OK if you miss a freebie, a great coupon, or a great deal. I had to learn that the hard way (and still have to remind myself of that). You will survive and you won’t blow your budget just because you missed a few great opportunities.  🙂

I hope that helps! Happy Couponing!

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  • Christina -

    Thank you for helping me save money!! I have a question, for some reason I’m unable to find your shopping list for Rural Homeland July 2-8 deals. Did you do one or was it not worth it? Or it’s possible I’m just not seeing it.;) thank you!

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