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December 9th, 2010
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Q&A: What do you get at Sam’s?

What do you get at Sam’s Club? What coupons do you use?

This is such a great question because so many people think that Sam’s has the best deals. I too used to be guilty of that too! I hav now learned otherwise through alot of math (I’m glad I like math!) First, everyone needs to know that Sam’s does not accept coupons. I have heard that they will accept the infant formula checks, because those are not actually coupons -they are checks, meaning similar to a gift card.

Second, I ONLY go once a month, because Sam’s is very tempting for me with their fun “stuff” that you have to walk through just to get to my shopping list items. I keep walking by those comfy house shoes… They would be so nice on my feet, but I avoid the temptation. I have learned, the hard way, that scheduling your shopping helps.

This is what I get, primarily: Tyson individual frozen chicken breasts (normally 2-3 bags), a box of the Turkey bacon, and then string cheese. Occasionally I will purchase a block of cheese, if I am about to run out, or a gallon milk if it is a good deal. I sometimes will buy diapers and wipes there. The off brand of diapers and wipes work great and are normally cheaper than the Brand names even with a coupon.

This is why I chose these items:

  • Tyson Chicken: I LOVE individually frozen chicken breasts. It is a HUGE time savor and worth the extra price for me. You can also buy the chicken breast in the packages for a great price too. Chicken seems to be the best price at Sam’s.
  • Turkey Bacon: I don’t always have a coupon for the Oscar Meyer turkey bacon, but my family loves it and has to have it. The best price is at Sam’s.
  • String Cheese: Ok, you all know that string cheese is EXPENSIVE. There is just no way around it, but it is a much better deal at Sam’s than at Target, Crest, or Walmart (even if you use a coupon). I normally buy 1 package every month, or sometimes every other month.
  • Other things I might buy: I always walk by the produce section -sometimes they have some great deals that I won’t pass up. I also walk by the Milk, to see if it is a good price. Even if it is a little bit higher in price, it might be worth it to me so I don’t have to make another trip to a second store. The last place I walk by is the meat. It seems I rarely buy meat there anymore, but I have found some great deals so I always walk by. It is very hard though because the bagged chips are near the meat. Occasionally we will pick up the 2 bags of chips, if they haven’t been on sale in a while. 🙂

There you have it! That is what I buy at Sam’s. I hope that helps. What do you buy at Sam’s? Is there anything that you know is a much better price at Sam’s?? My number one key with Sam’s is to schedule your trip! I only go once a month now. I used to spend $300-$400 at Sam’s and now I am around $40-$50 a month!

Thanks for the question Amy! Happy Sam’s Shopping!

I will be posting a few other answers today. If you have a question, you would like me to answer next Thursday, contact me. Please type Q&A in the subject.


  • April withrow -

    I buy their member’s mark cappuccino. It’s less than $7.00 for a big container, lasts me months. Much cheaper than going out for coffee . 😉

  • Amy -

    Thanks Carrie! A friend of mine says she get 5 lb bags of shredded cheese for just over $10 and then divides them up and freezes them. Is this a good deal?

    • Carrie -

      yes, I have done that too! Cheese freezes great! I do that only when I am about run out. The block cheese is a great price too -just can’t remember it. 🙂

  • Jennifer -

    We buy formula there. We found that it was only $4 more than at walmart (it costs more at Homeland and Target) but it lasts us two weeks instead of one!

  • Crystal -

    I was guessing Sams is where you probably bought your meat. If that is not it then where is the place you mostly find the best deals on meat and Turkey? Thanks

    • Carrie -

      I occasionally will buy ground beef there, but I buy red meat at Homeland and use the red river ranch coupon. I also tend to buy my ground turkey at Crest -they go on sale often, so I stock up then. 🙂

  • Ali Sevier -

    I typically buy the big container of Spring Mix. It’s super cheap and when I buy it I try to eat a salad a day for the week. It’s cheaper than the smaller container of lettuce and you get a lot more.
    We buy the Member’s Mark wipes and the Chicken breasts. (I take those home and clean them up, poach them and freeze them. I have a lot of recipes that call for “cooked chicken” and it’s so easy!)

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