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December 10th, 2010
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Q&A: Why do you do multiple transactions at Homeland?

Why do you do Multiple Transactions at Homeland?

This is a very good question and has confused quite a few people. If  you haven’t been to a coupon class, I highly recommend it. It will clear up ALOT of confusion when shopping with coupons.

Basically Homeland will only double 1 like coupon per transaction. That means if I want 2 Borden cheeses, and I have 2 $1/1 Borden coupons, the first coupon will double to $2, but the second will not. That means, I will only get $1 taken off the second package of cheese. If I want to get the full $4 taken off the two packages, I would need to pay for them separately. Therefore, I will do 2 transactions so both coupons will double.

Remember, not all Homeland stores will allow you to do multiple transactions. In fact, most will not. It is their store policy that they will double only one like coupon per day per customer. Please do not get upset if a store enforces their policy. If they will allow you to do multiple transactions, please only do 2 at a time. There have been reports of couponers who will do 5 and even 10 transactions at a time. This is just abusing the kindness of the store, and will eventually result in them not allowing multiple transactions anymore. Also, when doing your two transactions, be respectful of the other customers. Please go later in the evening when they are not as busy, and allow other customers to go infront of you.

So… If you store does not allow multiple transactons… What should you do? You have a few options:

  1. Go with a friend or your spouse to do your second transaction.
  2. Go different days. If the sale is really good, it is worth making multiple trips.
  3. Buy them in the same transaction. I am sure you are wondering why I would say that. Well, in the example with the cheese… If borden cheese in on sale for $2, and you have a $1/1 coupon… it will be free after it doubles. If you need more cheese and don’t want to go mutliple times that week, $1 per package of cheese is still a great deal. In this case, it might still be a good idea to buy the 2 cheese in the same transaction.

I hope that helps clear up some of the confusion with multiple transactions.

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