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July 15th, 2014
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Save on Landscaping – How We Saved Thousands and tips so you can too!


save on landscaping with these easy tipsI’m so excited to share how we save on landscaping with our new house.

As many of you know we built a house almost 2 years ago… in fact (thanks to our coupons) we paid cash for our land. One thing we were able to do was put in a pool. Thanks to our amazing family who owned a pool company we were able to afford a pool for our children. However, we couldn’t afford to do landscaping on it. This year, we decided to make it a priority to put in the landscaping around our pool.


We looked into having it professionally done and we were SHOCKED at the price tag…. seriosuly? It is just plants and dirt. 🙂

We decided to do it ourselves. With some smart tactics and some hard labor, we literally saved THOUSANDS of dollars by doing the landscaping ourselves.

Save on Landscaping with these easy tips!


1. Take pictures of landscaping you like.

Since around the pool is primarily sun, picking plants was pretty easy. However, we didn’t know where to put the plants. We drove around and looked at houses and took pictures of plants we loved. This also helped us when we went to the plant nursery. We were able to show them literally want we wanted.

2. Buy your edging at a rock store and ask for the left overs.

how we saved so much money on our landscaping- buy real rocks

Do not go to your local hardware store to buy pre-made edging. It is expensive. Instead look at actually buying rocks. They tend to be much cheaper and they look nicer. When you are looking at rock, ask for their left over rocks. We found some rock we loved. Then we asked if they have left over rocks that looked similar. We were able to snag our rock at HALF the cost just because they only had a small quantity left. That alone saved us several hundred dollars.

3. Spend your money on the slow growing trees.

buy bigger slow growing trees to save thousands

Our main tip is to spend your money on slow growing trees. They will not grow fast to buy bigger trees. Then on your faster growing plants, buy smaller. They will grow and fill in quickly. In fact several of our plants have doubled in size in just a month! The trees will not do that.

We bought three trees. When you are looking at slow growing trees, look at all sizes. In our case, we were able to get 15 foot trees MUCH cheaper than we thought. In fact, they weren’t much more expensive than the 10 foot trees we found a home department store.

4. Avoid Annuals – buy shrubs and perennials.

Buying annuals is almost like throwing money away. We tried to avoid annuals if at all possible. Now I did throw some in a pot and then some in front of one of our trees. You will have to replace the annuals each year which will cost you more and more money. By buying perennials your are saving money – these plants will come back every year.

5. Use pots and grasses as fillers.

lanscaping tips to help you save thousands

First, grasses are cheap and they grow big fast. We bought two of these purple grasses and in a month they have tripled in size. We also used pots at fillers too. You can even add in your few annuals in there too (or you can put ivy in the pots). They add some height when your plants are still small.

lanscaping tips - how to save a lot of moneyAbove is a picture of our purple grass. In one month it has gotten huge! This grass cost us only $7… we could have bought the same plant only bigger for $21. We saved 70% by buying small and waiting for it to get the same size in just a month.

6. Buy your dirt in bulk – have it delivered.

If you need a lot of dirt (like we did), then call around to see if you can have dirt delivered to your door. You might be surprised. It was about half the cost if we would have bought it at our home improvement store. Plus it was delivered to our house!

7. Buy Plants at a Nursery.

I highly suggest buying at a nursery versus a home improvement store. From our experience, the plants seem to adjust better. Plus they are normally more knowledgeable and helpful. For example we had one tree that was starting to turn brown. The nursery was able to tell us exactly what we needed to do and it worked. The trees are now growing strong. 🙂


We literally saved over $2,000 on our landscaping just by doing it on our own and using the tips. Now I am curious… what are your tips to save on landscaping?



  • Thanks for the landscaping tips! Great to get REAL advice from your personal experience – and love the photos too!

  • JoAnn Stetz -

    When shopping for perennials I look for plants I can divide into two or more plants. That way I get more plants for my money. Also, I look for perennials like day lilies on clearance before the end of summer at big home stores. They may no longer look great in their pots but will come back strong and healthy if divided, transplanted and cared for before going dormant.

  • Joan -

    What is the name of the evergreen tree in your pool landscape? Enjoyed reading how to save money!

  • Chelsea Williams -

    Where did you get your rock. I love it! We are redoing our landscaping so looking for ideas!

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