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May 25th, 2013
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Couponing 101 – Everything you need to know

couponing 101 - guide to coupons

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Couponing 101: Your Beginner’s guide to couponing

This Couponing 101 series is designed to help you thoroughly understand everything you want to know about couponing. I am writing it with new couponers in mind, but it will help even the most experienced saavy shopper! Make sure you take a minute to read every post so you can not only fully understand coupons, but can really save a lot of money.

Couponing 101:

 best places to find coupons


1. Top 6 Best Places to Find Coupons – There are more places to print than you think.

2. How to Read Coupons and Understand them – Wording on coupons can be tricky.

3. Rules of Couponing – 4 things you should never do

how to stack coupons effectively

4. How to Stack Coupons to maximize your savings.

5. How to Save Money with a coupon database

6. How to Print Smartsource Coupons on a Mac



 Stay tuned for more posts in this Couponing 101 series!



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