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December 1st, 2010
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Saving with UPromise

I have had several people ask me about UPromise and to be honest, I didn’t have the answer. I have a friend at Guess how Much who does use and she wrote us an explanation about it. Seems like a pretty cool idea…

Michelle: “For the past several months, John & I have been using Upromise.  Basically, Upromise is a website that gives you money back on certain purchases and puts the saving directly into a savings or 529 account for college savings.  Having 3 small children, college savings are definitely important.

UPromise allows you to deposit money into your account simply by linking various accounts you already have or by shopping online thru the UPromise site.  For instance, many different grocery items feature the UPromise logo (basically a “U” with a mortar board… not to be confused with the Unilever logo which is also a “U”).  Since I grocery shop at Homeland, I have linked my Homeland One card to the account, and when I purchase a certain item, a percentage of the cost is automatically deposited into the UPromise savings account.  This method adds up the cents very slowly- in fact it took 4 months for my grocery purchases to be credited.  But hey… my kids are 4 and 1… I’m in no hurry;)   Participating products can be found HERE.


Another way to earn savings is by shopping online.  Familiarize with the participating online stores, and log in to your UPromise account; THEN, click on that store to finalize your purchases that way.  Some of the online stores that I get savings refunds on are Old Navy,, Walgreens (for photo orders etc), Barnes & Noble, Snapfish, Shutterfly and SO many more.

UPromise’s website also allows you to add a bar that will pop up on your computer screen when you click on a participating site.  You know when the Pop-up blocker pops up on your computer?  It’s up there… but it says something like “Click here, and you can save 5% on your purchases for UPromise”.  Once you click it, do your online shopping, and within a couple of days, 5% of the purchase price will be credited into your account!  What a cool way to save for your children’s college fund!!!  You can also register CVS cards for participating products, and you can register the credit or debit card that you use every day, and certain purchases will also be credited.  There are many local restaraunts that particpate, so if you use your registered credit card to pay for your meal, you’ll get money back!  There’s also a Upromise credit card that you can use, and it gives money back on ALL purchases you make with the card.

There are so many ways to save with UPromise!!! Check out their website for yourself to learn even more. ”

Thanks Michelle for explaining it to us!!



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  • Liz -

    My parents did this. It paid an entire semester of college for my brother. Good thing, since he took his time to graduate! 🙂

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