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October 28th, 2012
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Sometimes Going the Simple Route is Better

As many of you know from Coupon Closet’s facebook page that my twin boys turned 6 last week. It was an emotional time for me. I don’t know why but 6 seems to hit home for me. When my oldest turn six I was sad, but now that 3 of my four children have hit the 6 year mark… I have been on an emotional roller coaster.(I know you moms can understand) 😉

We love birthday parties here!

Whether or not I am crying we still throw a fun birthday party. However, birthday parties can add up, especially when you have 3 kids that have a party in October. This year, we decided to keep it simple with good old fashion birthday party games. It was a super hero party and all the old fashion games like hot potato, a pinata, a scavenger hunt, and a pop the balloon game were all tied to the super hero theme. It took us only a few minutes to plan the entire party and it was very inexpensive.

I was nervous that the party wasn’t going to be fun enough.

After all… there wasn’t an expensive bouncy castle, we didn’t have a character stop by, and we just had the party at home… However at the end of the day as I tucked my sweet boys into bed – they both told me I was the best mom ever and this year was the best party ever. This birthday party was a success!

A picture of my husband (a bad guy) – the superheros got to tie him up with crepe paper!

Sometimes simple is the way to go.

This week on Coupon Closet I am going to give you a few ways to help your family  with some of my simple ideas. Don’t worry… they will all help you save money. 😉

Stay tuned for Tuesday…


Also, here are the pictures of the two cakes that I made for the birthday party. I made each cake for less than $5 each!! Talk about cheap!!


What do you think? Is simpler normally the way to go? Is there any areas in your life that you have found that simple was by far the smartest and funnest thing to do?




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