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All about Rainchecks

Rain checks… Everything you want to know

I realized most people don’t know much about rain checks except for the fact that I love them! So, let me tell you what I do know. This is what the front of one looks like. As you can see mine is for the Pillsbury Sweet moments (YUM!). When we went shopping they were out, so I write at the top of my grocery list -RAIN CHECK SWEET MOMENTS. I usually under line it a few times so I don’t forget to ask. When you check out tell them you need a rain check for the item they were out of. It seems almost every week they are out of atleast one item.

Your cashier might direct you to the customer service desk to receive the rain check. Either way, it is very easy. You tell them what you need. They will ask for the quantity. If I was going to buy 2, I ask for 2 rain checks each with the quantity 1. That way I can still do 2 transactions, so both my coupons will double. The rain checks are good for 30 days, but normally I use mine within 2 weeks.

The best part about the rain checks…
The coupon on the back is the best part! Most of the time, this will not double but sometimes it will. Either way, you can get yourself some cheap eggs.

Now that you have the rain check… How do you use it?
If you buy the item with a raincheck, you will want to place the raincheck on top of the item. In fact, you should just make it the first item you purchase. When I purchase my Pillsbury Sweet Moments, I will place the raincheck on top of the item. This will make your cashier much happier and will make his/her life much easier. If you are buying the best choice eggs or ice cream, don’t forget to remind them that you want to use the coupon on the back. I used to put a sticky note on there so I wouldn’t forget.

Let me know if that helps you with using rain checks. I used to make multiple trips to Homeland to get those items they were out of until I realized how EASY rain checks really are. At first, I felt so silly asking for rain checks, but now I have realized I am not the only one. :)


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