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Coupon Language

When you first start the coupon process, it can be rather overwhelming and quite frustrating with all the abbreviations and the new “language” found on all the coupon blogs.
Here are some couponing terms off the top of my head to help you out when you are reading my blog or any other coupon blog:

$1/1 -This reads “$1 off of 1 item” You will see it like this: $1/1 Juicy Juice. That means you you will get $1 off of 1 Juicy Juice

$1/2 -This reads “$1 off of 2 items” –$1/2 Juicy Juice, means you will get $1 off of 2 Juicy Juice

8/29 SS –This means that the coupon came from the Smart Source that was in the 8/29 paper. This the same for Proctor and Gamble and Red Plum.

SS – Smart Source coupon insert, comes in the Sunday paper

PG – Proctor and Gamble coupon insert, comes in the Sunday paper, normally the first Sunday of the Month.

RP – Red Plum coupon insert, comes in the Sunday paper

BOGO– Buy one get one free

WYB– when you buy (an example: Receive $1 catalina WYB 4 campbells soups)

OYNO – on your next order (an example: Save $1 OYNO when you buy 2 Kellogg cereals)

YMMV– Your (manager) may vary (this means that is is really up to your manager if they will let you do the coupon stackings -example: Target’s coupon policy says you can only use 1 like Target coupon in one transaction but many people are allowed to use 2 Pampers Target coupons when they buy 2 Pampers in 1 transaction so it is really YMMV) make sense?

OOP – out of pocket (real money you pay -you will see this alot with CVS shopping lists)

ECB – Extra care bucks (CVS shopping term) use these on your future purchases like cash!

RR – Register Rewards, (Walgreens money) use these on your future purchases like cash!

– Homeland, and other grocery stores little machine next to register that prints coupons out, some of them will be save money on your next purchase!

BLINKIE – Coupons that your child likes to pull out of the machines at the grocery stores, these normally will not double!

– coupon found on products you buy (they literally peel off the box -hence the name!)

– pad of coupons that produt reps leave in store for you to buy their products!

MIR – mail in rebate
Hopefully this will help you when you are  searching the many blogs to save you money!


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