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Organizing Your Coupons

One of the first things you need to do with couponing is to figure out how to organize your coupons. There are many different ways to organize, but there are 2 primary methods that people prefer: the binder method or the box method.

I started out using the binder method which worked wonders for me in the beginning, but then life happened and I revealed my dirty secretmy binder was out of control! I had to find another way to organize using less time. Thus, my box was born.

It used to take my about 2 hours to clip and organize my coupons with my binder. Once I switched to the box, I am now able to clip and organize in just about 15 minutes. Since, organization is the primary reason that people quit couponing, I highly suggest the coupon box.

Go here to see a video on what is a coupon box

Go here to see a suggestion for to start your categories for you box

Go here to see my categories for my coupon box. Hopefully that will help you create your own categories.

Go here to see how I clip my coupons so quickly!


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