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May 18th, 2011
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Summer Reading Programs 2011

There are a few great reading programs this summer (usually kindergarten -age 12):;

*Barnes and Noble’s Imagination’s Destination: read 8 books and your child gets to pick from a list of 5-6 books (depends on the grade) for free. Go HERE to read more about it.

*Borders Double-Dog Dare Challenge is the same only you have to read 10 books to get to pick your one book from the list. Go HERE to read more about it.

*Half Price Books “Feed Your Brain wants” them to read 600 minutes over the course of the summer, preferably 15 minutes a day.  They’ll turn their log in to the store July 25-August 7 to receive a $5 gift card if they’ve read 600 minutes.  The top reader in each age group will will a $20 gift card.

*The Pioneer Library System also does a great summer reading program.  When the child is finished, they receive a bag full of coupons. I know from experience, that even if your child doesn’t read yet, they can still participate. You just have to read the books to them.

Thanks so much for sharing with us Sandy all this great information! I love all the cool reading programs to inspire our children to keep reading. If you know of any more nice reading programs, send me an e-mail here to let me know.



  • Judy -

    The public libraries also have good reading programs with lots of prizes and coupons. These programs usually include babies through teen-agers. Lots of free good stuff for summer at public libraries. We had rest and read at home in the summer when my kids were little. I paid them a penny per page to read. 🙂

  • Judy -

    I should have said the Metropolitan Library System libraries, not public libraries. MLS is the public library system in Oklahoma City. Pioneer Library System is the public library system that includes Cleveland and McClain counties. (and probably some other counties, as well)

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