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July 14th, 2011
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Swagbucks changed their Policy!!!

Swagbucks just changed their policy. They are now allowing more than one Swagbucks account per household. (It use to say only 1 account per household) If you’re already signed up for an account, you can now invite other members of your household to sign up, too. That means that you can refer your spouse or others living in your house and when they search and win, you will also win! Woohoo!

Head on over here to sign up for Swagbucks. Don’t know much about Swagbucks? Go here to learn more about it.



  • jessi -

    OOPS I was already doing that! But I guess it doesn’t matter now!!

  • Caroline -

    Hi I’m Caroline and I am 11 and I was wondering if you knew about superpoints and I am using both swagbucks and superpoints and I think superpoints is better


    • Carrie -

      No, I haven’t tried Superpoints. I’ll look into it.

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