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September 29th, 2010
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SwagBucks Update! $20 in Amazon Gift Cards- FREE

If you read the word SwagBucks, and don’t have a clue what I am talking about, go here or here to see those posts. SwagBucks is basically a search engine where you can earn “points” that you can redeem for prizes or gift cards. The one that everyone gets excited about is the $5 Amazon Gift Cards. It takes 450 points to get 1 $5 Giftcard.

Search & Win

So… Where am I at now? I started doing Swagbucks 2 weeks ago. Today, I have earned 2,093 SwagBucks! What does that mean? I can go right now and redeem $20 in Amazon Gift Cards! I almost have enough to get $25! I am going to go ahead and redeem those either today or tomorrow. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know how that goes!


You can’t beat free money just for searching and referring friends. If you haven’t joined yet, today is the day! Click here to join! I do get credits if people join under me, so make sure you go through my link. Then refer your friends so everyone can start earning free money!



  • Ashlea -

    Just don’t actually get the $25, get 5x $5. The math doesn’t add up, and you don’t get such a good deal. 😉

    • Carrie -

      Good point ashlea! Thanks for the tip.

  • Kristina -

    I have the seach engine as my home page and have used it several times over the past couple of weeks and i still only have 42 points. any other tips you might have? I know you can do the daily poll too.

    • Carrie -

      Kristina, I search DAILY! I also refer friends. That is one of the fastest ways to earn is to refer people. Plus if you visit the special surveys, you automatically get a buck just for visiting there without doing anything

  • Amy -

    I have been doing it for a couple months now and only have 800+ SB. Seems like I always miss the codes. 🙁 I see them posted by ppl on FB for a few here and there and I also have the widget on my blog. Any tips on how to earn more and not just see “expired” all the time? Oh and I also do the daily polls.

    • Carrie -

      I don’t really ever get the bucks like you are talking about either. My suggestion is to REFER your friends. that will really help!

  • Laura A. -

    I forgot to tell you last night that I bought my subscription to All You through Swagbucks. I think it was less than $20.00 and I got double swagbucks. Don’t know if that is a good deal or not!

    • Carrie -

      oh that seems like a good deal. was it for a year, or 2? plus, you got the Swagbucks.

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