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May 15th, 2012
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Understanding Rainchecks at Homeland

Rain checks at Homeland… Everything you want to know

I realized most people don’t know much about rain checks except for the fact that I love them! So, let me tell you what I know about these fabulous things called rainchecks. This is what the front of one looks like.

What is a raincheck?

A raincheck is simply a piece of paper that allows you to get an item that is on sale for that sale price at a later day. Since stores are often sold out of the items, we want to get for cheap or FREE with our coupons, rainchecks are very nice.


As you can see this raincheck (above) is for the Chinet Napkins. They were out then so I asked for a raincheck. When we went shopping they were out, so I wrote at the top of my grocery list –RAIN CHECK CHINET Napkins. I usually under line it a few times so I don’t forget to ask for one when I check out.

How do you get a raincheck?

When you check out tell them you need a rain check for the item they were out of. In order to get a raincheck it must be an item that is advertised in the ad. Some Homeland stores have customer service desks -if yours does then you will need to ask for a raincheck there.

You will need to tell them the product they are out of (you may have to show them in the ad) and tell them the quantity you need. I had to ask for 2 because my coupon was for a $1 off of 2.

When do rainchecks expire?

Rainchecks at Homeland expire 30 days from the day you receive them. So… the raincheck was written on 11/22/11 (yes, I know that was a long time ago 😉 ). That means that you have until 12/22/11 to use your raincheck.

Can you use a coupon with a raincheck?

YES!! You absolutely can! That means you can really see the savings.

The best part about the rain checks…

The coupon on the back is the best part! On the back you will find a coupon for $.50/1 Best choice eggs. This will not double, because it is a Homeland coupon, but it is a VERY nice way to save on eggs.

Now that you have the rain check… How do you use it?

If you buy the item with a raincheck, you will want to place the raincheck on top of the item. This will make your cashier much happier and will make his/her life much easier. In fact, I like to make sure this is my very last item in my check out just to make sure the cashier doesn’t accidentally scan it before I tell them I have a raincheck. If you are buying the best choice eggs or ice cream, don’t forget to remind them that you want to use the coupon on the back.

Let me know if that helps you with using rain checks. I used to make multiple trips to Homeland to get those items they were out of until I realized how EASY rain checks really are. When I first started couponing, I felt so silly asking for rain checks, but now I love them and would much rather ask for a raincheck than make several trips to the store each week.

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  • SavvyCouponer -

    OK, so this is probably a stupid question. The raincheck itself expires 30 days after it is written. Does this apply to the coupon on the back for the eggs also – does it expire at the 30 days?

    • Carrie -

      There are no stupid questions. 🙂 Yes, the egg coupon will expire because you can only use the coupon when you have redeemed the raincheck.

      • Savvy Couponer -

        Thank you!

  • Sarah -

    You can only use the egg coupon if you redeem the raincheck – so, yes.

  • andrea -

    My Homeland told me about a month ago they stopped issuing rain checks.

    • Carrie -

      Which Homeland? They haven’t.

  • Asha -

    I have four coupons for the same item. I would normally use them in four different transactions so they double. If I get a raincheck for them, do I have to use them all in the same transaction? Would they still double it?

  • Asha -

    I just went to another Homeland and they had it. It was for the Edward pies.

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