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May 8th, 2011
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Understanding Walgreens BOGO Sale with BOGO Coupons

There has already been alot of discussions on the Coupon Closet facebook page about the Clean and Clear Body wash. Common Sense with Money had a nice explaination on this ordeal this week and I thought I woudl share. This week Walgreens has Clean and Clear Body Wash on sale buy one get one free.  There is also an insert coupon available for buy one get one free Clean and Clear body wash.  So, how does the coupon work with the sale?  Here is the answer:

In general in a buy one get one free sale, the first item rings at full price and the second item rings at $0.00.  This is a store promotion that you can combine with your buy one get one free coupon to get two free bottles.  The way it works out is that the store is giving you one product for free with the buy one get one free sale.  Then you use the coupon to “pay” the bottle you are purchasing.


At the register, usually the coupon will beep. This is to prompt the cashier to enter the value of the item manually so it can be deducted by the register,

When does it not work out like that?

1) Your store’s coupon policy states that you must “buy” or pay for one bottle.  Some stores may require the customer to literally pay for one bottle.  In this case, most people would get two free items and pay for one after coupon and sale.  However, if the buy one get one free sale rings the items one at full price and another one at $0.00, I encourage you to grab four items.  In this case your transaction would look like this:

1st item at full price
2nd rings at $0.00 because of the sale
3rd item rings full price
4th item rings at $0.00 because of the sale
Use your buy one get one free to deduct the cost of one of the items at full price
Final Cost: Pay for one item and get three free.

2) Your store rings buy one get one as 50% off each item.  If this is the case, you will end up paying for half the cost of item item after buy one get one free sale and buy one get one free coupon

3) Your store rings buy one get one free sale as say one item $2.98 and the second item as $0.01.  In this case you may have a lot of trouble being able to get any item free.  It will depend on the cashier and whether this is a”coupon friendly” store.

So, how do you know what happens at your store? Stop by the store’s customer service desk or call ahead of item and ask to find out how a buy one get one free coupon.

Hopefully this will help you this week at Walgreens.




  • Kara Pennington -

    There was also $2/1 clean and clear product can I use this coupon on the first item along with the BOGO coupon?

    • Natalie -

      The BOGO sales are so intimidating to me. I get confused on how to do the transaction so primarily I just skip these deals. Anyone have a good technique or way to remember what coupons and how many to use on BOGO’s?

  • Carle -

    My store would not accept the coupon w/the BIGI raincheck. any pointers?

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