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Walmart has added some great features to their coupon policy. If you are prepared, you will actually love to shop at Walmart. They have some great deals.


How to Price Match at Walmart

how to price match at walmartAs promised, I am giving you a detailed description on how to price match at Walmart. Yes, Walmart can be frustrating, but if you understand their policy and head to Walmart prepared, then you can get some amazing savings.

First make sure you read check out our Walmart shopping lists and all the best deals at Walmart. Also, each week we post a fun post – coupon at Walmart where we give you the best shopping scenario so you can get the best deals each week. 

How to Price Match at Walmart:how to price match at walmart

1. Print and Read the Walmart Price Matching Policy.

You can print Walmart’s price matching policy here. Before you do anything else. Print it and read it. Then fold it up and put it in your Walmart envelope so you always have it with you.

2. They will price Match BOGO Sales.

how to price match at walmartAbove you will find a screenshot of a Walgreens sale. In the ad it states that there Arm and Hammer Laundry detergent are on sale for Buy one (at $6.99) get one free! Walmart will price match this because the price of $6.99 is included in the ad.

how to price match at walmart

Above you will see another screenshot of a Walgreens sale. This one states that several different Make up brands are buy one, get one 50% off. Now, Walmart will price match a BOGO 50% off sale, if a price is in the ad. Since there is NOT a specific price in the ad, Walmart will NOT price match this sale.


3. Walmart will price match Store coupons will a specific price listed.

Everyone gets confused on this one, so I have to pictures to show you to help you out.

how to price match at walmartAbove you will find a Walgreens store coupon. It states that with that coupon you can get Orbit or Wrigley’s gum for 2 for $3. Since the coupon specifies a price, Walmart WILL price match this coupon.

Above is a Target STORE coupon. Because the coupon is for $.75/1 3pk Orbit gum, Walmart will NOT price match this store coupon.

4. Walmart will not price match RR, ECB, or Gift card deals.

That means any deal at Walgreens with a RR, at CVS with Extra Care bucks, or at Target with Gift card deals cannot be price matched at Walmaart. Here are 2 examples that Walmart will NOT price match:

how to price match at WalmartAbove is a picture of a Walgreens RR deal. Walmart will price match the sale price of $4.99, but will not price match the $3.99 (after RR).

Above is a sale from Target, where you will get a $5 Target gift card when you buy 2 Glad trash bags. Walmart will price match the sale price for the box of bags at $12. They will not price match the final price after the gift card.

5. Walmart will price match produce and meat prices.

how to price match at walmartAbove is a sale at Aldi this week. (my screenshot is blurry -sorry!) You will find that it state Canteloupe is on sale for $.69 each. That means you can go to Walmart and price match the price for $.69 per canteloupe. Then you will also find that at Aldi Pears are on sale $.45 per lb. You can then price match at Walmart for $.45 per pound.

The point is that Walmart price matches price each to price each, or pound for pound. The same is true for meat.

price matching at walmart

6. It must be a local store and the price must be advertised.

Walmart will match any local competitor’s advertised price. (that means is has to be local)  You can’t price match an ad that is 2 hours away. 😉 Also, Walmart will not price match Crest Foods deals because they do not advertise their prices.

7. You do not have to have your ad with you to price match.

Walmart does not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad. Personally, if you have it -take it with you – or show the ads on your phone. If you don’t have it, then make sure you have the Walmart’s price matching policy  with you.

how to price match at walmart square

8. Items purchased must be identical to the ad

That means the size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc. all must be exactly to what is shown in the ad. Now with produce… it a brand is stated then you must price match to the brand. If no brand is shown, then is is apples to apple, oranges to oranges, etc…

WOW! I just gave you a ton of information about price matching at Walmart. 

I hope I have explained it clearly do you can price match at Walmart easily.

Leave a comment if you still have questions, so I can make sure I get it all answered.


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