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December 10th, 2015
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What is a Good Deal on Toilet Paper and Paper Towels?

what is a good deal on toilet paper and paper towelsI have recently changed the way I view a good deal on toilet paper and paper towels. I wanted to share it with you today.  “What is a good stock up price for these items?”    I used to try to pay per roll, but because so many are packaged differently, that got confusing.

A few years ago, I decided to pick what is a good deal on the square foot. Here are my stock up prices:

Toilet Paper:  $0.01 to $0.02 per square foot (closer to $.01 is best 🙂 )


papwer twoels square

Paper Towels:  $0.03 to $0.04 per square foot

What did you say?

You are probably wondering “Huh? Square foot?” If you look on the packages you will actually see how many square feet are in the package. This makes it much simpler to figure out if you are getting a good deal. Here is how you figure it out:

Take the price divided by the total square feet = price per square foot.

It is that simple. For example, toilet paper was on sale a few weeks ago, the 12 pk double rolls was actually a better price per square foot than the 24 pk single rolls. So… it pays to check the square foot price.

When you calculate your price per square foot, you really do see which package is a good deal without being swayed by the packaging. 🙂

stock up prices toilet paper and papwer towels square

You can go the easier route and still save money.

Now you can still easily save money by going the easier route and figuring out if you are getting the best deal per roll. So if a package is filled with 6 double rolls you would divide by 12. 6 double rolls = 12 single rolls. This is my stock up prices:

Toilet paper – $.25 per roll or less

Paper towels – $.60 per roll or less ($.50 is even better)  
                            *Note – if you are a fan of Brawny, then the best deal for it is $.90 per roll. 


You might not get the BEST price but you are still going to save a ton of money.

Now make sure you check out our Amazon post where we post the BEST toilet paper deals online. Yes… they will ship to your door cheaper than you can buy in the store. 





  • Rachel -

    Thanks for this post!!!

  • Buddy -

    Great info! 🙂

  • anna -

    I like calculating price per sf too because if there are two brands to consider, one being better than the other, I might be willing to pay one penny more per sf for the better brand. I just like knowing and it being my choice, and not being suckered by packaging or “sale” prices. 🙂

  • Brenda -

    Sam’s has a large box of Pom brand TP – 40 two ply rolls of 450 sheets each for $19.62. This makes each sq ft cost $.009 just less than 1 cent per sq ft!

  • Joy -

    I just went to Sams they have Scott TP 36 rolls or 3772.8sqft for 23.28. That’s .006/sqft
    I’ve had a hard time finding sales on toilet paper. I think I’ll just buy it at sams from now on. 🙂

  • Mike -

    What’s annoying is the Costco Charmin Ultra Soft package I want to compare lists the square YARDS! How am I supposed to compare that? I did a conversion but it doesn’t make much sense. There are 36 rolls in the package and it says it totals 115 sq yd. That equates to 1035 sq ft?

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