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December 8th, 2010
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What questions do you have?

I wanted to start a new segment each week where I answer your questions. I know you have them! Send me a message here, and I will try to answer them each week on a post on Thursdays. My goal will be to answer up to 3 questions. What are some of the questions you have about couponing?



  • Jennifer Keahbone -

    I have been couponing for about 3 weeks now. I’ve attempted to do Walgreens and CVS, but I don’t think I fully understand their systems. CVS seems a lot easier than Walgreens. I tried using my RR at Walgreens, but they wouldn’t let me use them if I already had a manufacturer’s coupon for that item. My problem is that I am only shopping for items I have coupons for. My question is how do you use your RR and get the full benefit from them?

    • Carrie -

      Jennifer, I don’t ever shop walgreens mainly because their coupon policy is slightly confusing for me. I do shop CVS and love it! I mainly use my ECBs towards my next purchase that will again give me ECBs. I am going to be teaching a CVS class in March if you are interested. 🙂

  • Soozn -

    Do you use a price book to know when a sale price is the best price?

    • Chenea -

      The price book is her head. 😉 She is very smart!

  • Amy -

    What kinds of things to you get from SAMs? Do you use coupons there?

  • Soozn -

    When you use a competitor’s ad at Wal-Mart, does it have to be a local store? For instance, we don’t have an Aldi in my town; can I use an OKC Aldi coupon in Norman?

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