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May 10th, 2011
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Why I love Aldi and how I save on produce…

If you have been to a free coupon class, you know I love Aldi for my produce, milk, and some other odds and ends. Aldi’s produce is surprisingly great! Not only is it a great price, but it is also delicious. This week (the sale ends today), I snagged 2 pounds of strawberries at $.99 each, 2 packages of zucinni (each pack had 3 zuccini for $.99!), and 2 packages of green peppers. Each package of green peppers had 5 peppers in side, and they were only $.99 each. That is one awesome price! This would have been atleast double in price at other stores!

If you don’t have an Aldi, don’t start to cry! 😉 There are several places to find some nice produce deals, but the key is to look. Check all your store ads each week in your paper to see if you can snag some nice produce deals. We may not be able to use coupons on produce, but we can still save in that area too!



  • Buffy -

    Just curious-what do you do with the peppers and zuchinni? Do you use it up at once or freeze it?

  • jennifer keahbone -

    I clean, cut and freeze my bell peppers (the one’s I can’t use right away). I’ve made zucchini bread and froze that when I’ve gotten a good deal on zucchini. I don’t think it would freeze well if you just sliced and froze it. The zucchini bread taste great after it thaws. You can’t tell the difference!

  • Sonya -

    You can shred the zucchini and then freeze that. Measure it out by the cup full when you store it to freeze. That way when you thaw it to make bread it is super fast and easy.

  • Glenda Bliss -

    My zucchini bread calls for shredded zucchini. I have frozen shredded zucchini in ziploc bags with exact measurement of what I need for the bread recipe and it has worked great. Might give freezing a try, since zucchini is one of those veggies we either have in over supply cheap or diminished and at high prices.

  • Buffy -

    Thanks everyone-that is SO helpful! I will get some and shred it!

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